Falling down
Out of time
Moments found
Hours fly

Far away a star and a moon
Every day turning in the blue
Far away a flower failed to bloom
Any day dust invades the room

Run to the end - Now we know
Rules rarely bend
Forfeited friend - Here we go
Can’t comprehend

Falling down
Tell the time
Inside out
Open wide

Far away a picture someone drew
Any day a myth that might be true
Far away unfamiliar tune
Every day a debt is nearly due

Crossing a line - Now we know
Discounted sign
Pour all wine - Here we go
Shout till your blind

Falling down
Passing time
Come around
Walk on by

Far away a secret and a sin
Every day worries often win
Far away a thread is wearing thin
Any day a battle will begin

Stepping aside - Now we know
No where to hide
Looking behind - Here we go
Losing your mind
And falling down