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I don’t want to fly
It makes me nervous when I get too high
I don’t wanna try
To find a reason or to justify
I don’t wanna lie
Make believe and avoid your eye
I don’t wanna to cry
So I linger on and never say goodbye

Linger on

I don’t wanna gray
I need to show a little color every day
I don’t wanna pray
I never got an answer anyway
I don’t wanna stray
Wander down the road never find a way
I don’t wanna stay
But I’ll linger on till I’m chased away

Linger on

Pencil shavings are blowing across the floor
A candle is waving and showing me the door
Water is craving to flow upon the shore
Dreams I’m saving aren’t growing any more

Easy game
No fun winning
Eager blame
Theory’s thinning
Empty train
Time is spinning
And the rain
Is just beginning