1. PAINT
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Water we keep
Fires we share
Faith we may leap
Wounds that we bear
Hours we sleep
Moments we spare
All that we reap
All we may error

Paint the room with silver
Line the hall with gold
Raise a trophy
In the middle of the road

Warnings we heed
Chances we take
Story’s we read
Changes we make
Tears we may bleed
Times that we break
All that we need
All we forsake

Meat is on the table
Cake is in the mold
Pour a drink until
The cup has overflowed

Walk a finer line
Fall into the fold
Keep the faith
Believe a book from days of old

One time the wind blows
Rainy summer day
One time a heart shows
Hard to find the way
One time a plan grows
Danger on the fray
One time a friend knows
Better not to say

Muses we throw
Games that we play
Secrets we stow
Hopes we delay
Mercy’s we show
Homage we pay
All that we know
All we don’t say